Thursday, September 14, 2017

In Camera...Iron Man Down, A New Slant on the Beach

Storm Aileen hit the north west last on Tuesday night and one of the Iron Men on Crosby beach appears to have taken a hit, the shifting sands seem to have moved the 3 metre column on which he stands, leaving the figure gazing skywards.
Down on Crosby beach yesterday, the morning after the first storm of Autumn, Storm Aileen, passed over the north west and the Sefton coast. Shadows of clouds are racing across the smooth, windblown sands, washed clean by the earlier rough high tide. The rough seas have pounded many water retaining hollows in the sand, they catch the fast moving bursts of sunlight with a silver glow, like a chain of sparkling jewels spread across the beach.

Water retaining hollows reflect the quick bursts of sunlight racing across the beach with a silver glow, a chain of sparkling jewels along the beach.

Almost in the centre of the length of beach that contains the iron men; one is leaning backwards at an angle of around 60ยบ from the perpendicular with no visible means of support. The three metre long iron tube that anchors them to the beach must have been slowly moved over time by the soft, shifting sands.
It makes for quite a surreal photograph, the way the figure is tilted back, gazing at the sky. The weather is kind to me whilst I am there taking photographs. The patches of sunlight that race across the beach, chasing the shadows of the clouds, reflect in the ripples on the water surrounding the figure, creating a glittering sparkle on this storm tossed day.

This perspective puts a whole new slant on the world...

everything seems to be going downhill!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

In Camera...Dramatic Light at Crosby Beach

Just before the storm. The beach at Crosby is eerily quiet, only the raucous cry of a lone gull disturbs the humid threatening air. The pale sand, dry after days of hot sun, reflects a false brightness against the dark of the heavy rain filled clouds spreading in from the sea. The wind farm on the horizon is scarcely visible through the sweep of rain heading north just off the coast. The rusty iron men seem to glow, their colours saturated by the strange light off the sand.

Last Wednesday evening the weather changed dramatically from sunlight to storm, a few days of hot humid weather came to an end with a cold front and thunderstorms passing over England from the South West.
Late afternoon there were a few rumbles of thunder and I decided to go down to the beach in the hope of capturing some lightning flashes. I did not see any lightning, but the horizon out to the west was obscured by heavy rain and the sky was very dark out at sea.
Here on Crosby beach the sand near the promenade was very bright and dry after a few days of heat and low tides and seemed to reflect the light from the bit of bright sky left overhead before the storm clouds rolled in. This light seems to fill the iron men with saturated colour, especially vivid against the dark clouds out at sea.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

In Camera...Liverpool Hosts Disney Magic

The Liverpool waterfront was graced with the cruise ship Disney Magic last Friday as the ship paid a day long visit to the city.

The Mersey ferry 'Snowdrop', paintwork designed by Peter Blake, as the 'Dazzle Ship' is dwarfed by the Disney Magic

Later the same evening the Disney Magic departed from Liverpool, passing Antony Gormley's Iron Men on Crosby beach as she sailed out into the Irish Sea.

In Camera...Industry and Art at Sunset

 The massed army of giants, the huge wind farm now off the Sefton coast at Crosby, large metal structures that somehow appear graceful when caught in the light of the setting sun, watched by man's art, the solid cast iron figures of Antony Gormley's Another Place. The photograph was taken last week and, at this time of the year the sun sets way up to the north west, so that its low side light glances off the tall towers of the gleaming metal structures.

The sky to the north west just after sunset.

Friday, June 09, 2017

In Camera...May Sunsets

The month of May saw fine weather with some particularly good skies near the end of the month which provided some superb colourful sunsets down at Crosby beach.

Friday, January 13, 2017

In Camera...Winter Light

Yesterday was dark and grey with strong gusting winds and wintery showers. Snow fell in many parts of the country and was forecast for the North West, but the forecast snow did not materialise in Crosby and by around 15.30 the sky was clearing from the north west. The cloud was breaking and revealing patches of blue and I decided to head down to the beach to see if there was any chance of a dramatic sunset.

Down on a cold and deserted Crosby beach, the sand surface near the promenade was very smooth and polished looking, a result of the strong cold winds blowing in from the Irish Sea.

The Clwydian hills to the West lay blanketed with snow under a thick bank of dark grey cloud over Wales but the sky above was streaked with orange tinted cirrus clouds glowing from the last light of the sun, reflecting light into the tidal gullies of water left on the beach by the receding tide.

A truly bleak, but somehow beautiful, raw winter evening where there were only the solid silhouettes of the iron men to share with me the appreciation of nature in this wonderful glowing light at the end of a stormy day.

In Camera...Changing Light at the End of the Year

Visits to Crosby beach over the turn of the year produced these differing images. The one above was taken on New Year's Eve and captures the last light of day for the year of 2016.
I also turned this to black and white for part of my series "Light on Water".

The following evening was much clearer, the first sunset of 2017 revealed vivid colours and beams of crepuscular light caused by the shadows of clouds streaking across the sky as the sun sank into the west over the hills of North Wales.

Last light of the the first day of 2017